Business Advisory

Entrepreneurship can be a long and lonely road, but we’re here to walk it with you and help you find answers to the most important questions.

Tax + compliance

Nobody enjoys dealing with the ATO. We’ll take the pain out of the process and make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Payroll + bookkeeping

Business admin can feel like a black hole that swallows your time. We’ll help you automate the boring stuff (no matter how much there is) and keep your business running smoothly.


Learn more about 7 Ways to Grow Your Business

7 Ways to Grow Your Business

Learn more about Business Recovery Planning

Business Recovery Planning

Learn more about Keep your ‘well of happiness’ full

Keep your ‘well of happiness’ full

Learn more about Monitor your progress to reach your targets

Monitor your progress to reach your targets

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Strategic Advisors + Business Accountants

Running a successful business isn’t easy. But it’s not a mystery, either. It takes hard work, careful planning, and a bit of guidance from the experts.

That’s why we exist. At dot, we help ambitious entrepreneurs build and launch their ventures. With a full range of accounting and advisory services, including strategy, planning, tax compliance, bookkeeping, and payroll, there’s no business too niche and no plan too bold.

Our clients are people just like you. True believers. Unconventional thinkers. Passionate creators who want to build something and live life on their own terms. Dot helps you make it possible.