Business Advisory

Entrepreneurship can be a long and lonely road, but we’re here to walk it with you and help you find answers to the most important questions.

Tax + compliance

Nobody enjoys dealing with the ATO. We’ll take the pain out of the process and make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Payroll + bookkeeping

Business admin can feel like a black hole that swallows your time. We’ll help you automate the boring stuff (no matter how much there is) and keep your business running smoothly.


Learn more about Selling Your Value

Selling Your Value

Learn more about Vision, Purpose and Values

Vision, Purpose and Values

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Leadership Lessons

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Company Director? You'll need a Director Identification Number

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What our clients say

Dot Advisory provided us with great advice on moving forward with positioning, support in financial decisions and were always accessible. We came to Dot in a poor position and with the support of the team, we were able to develop into a much stronger state.
Lera Electrical
Dot instilled confidence in us to keep going and provided assurance that we were compliant and doing the right things.
Dean Sawtell Dental Laboratory
We found the quarterly meetings with Dot helpful in re-grounding ourselves and repurposing our direction. We were able to improve our strategies for operational requirements and grow the business comfortably.
Aspire Paving & Landscapes
Business and technology changes so rapidly these days. In order for us to feel confident navigating our way through this evolving landscape, we need accountants and bookkeepers who are not only experienced and competent but also curious and forward-thinking. We have found that with Dot Advisory.
Friends with Frank

Strategic Advisors + Business Accountants

Running a successful business isn’t easy. But it’s not a mystery, either. It takes hard work, careful planning, and a bit of guidance from the experts.

That’s why we exist. At dot, we help ambitious entrepreneurs build and launch their ventures. With a full range of accounting and advisory services, including strategy, planning, tax compliance, bookkeeping, and payroll, there’s no business too niche and no plan too bold.

Our clients are people just like you. True believers. Unconventional thinkers. Passionate creators who want to build something and live life on their own terms. Dot helps you make it possible.